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If you are looking for laser cutting services in Sussex then Colbridge Engineering Ltd should be top of your list. A single call to us will convince you that we have the equipment and the know-how to cut a wide range of materials to your specification.

Laser cutting services in Sussex

Yes, we have the equipment and the necessary skills to cut steel up to 15mm in thickness with our 3000mm x 1500mm Laser Profiler.

Aluminium and stainless steel can also be cut and we welcome your call so that we can advise you of how we can help you obtain the finished results that you need.

Laser profiling steel up to 15mm

 •  Cut steel up to 15mm

 •  Cut stainless steel up to 8mm

 •  Cut aluminium up to 6mm

 •  Cut material up to 3000x1500mm

 •  Guillotine material up to 3m

 •  Punch and fold

In the thirty years or so that we have been in business we have learned a thing or two about cutting, folding, welding and making wonderful things out of steel.

Put that experience to good use and call us today.

If you need sheet metal workers, laser cutters or welders, call today:

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Tap into our knowledge

It's all down to investment; when investment in equipment for laser cutting in Sussex we are clear leaders, when it comes to knowing how to work with sheet metals we are so far ahead that there are no sheet metal workers in Sussex that come close.

It's time to discuss your requirements with us - call us today.

If you think it sounds too good to be true - it isn't

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