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If you're looking for a well-established fabrication service, Sussex based Colbridge Engineering Ltd could fit the bill exactly.

Established over 30 years and with a diverse portfolio of fabrications for you to peruse, if you're looking for fabricators in Sussex we could be right up your street.

Fabrication - made to measure for you

From a garden feature to a part for a classic car, scenery for a museum or theatre through to parts for food industry machinery, Colbridge Engineering Ltd have done it all.

If you have a fabrication project in the pipeline then give us a call and discuss your requirements with the fabrication experts.

Any type of fabrication in any size you like

 •  Garden planters and water features

 •  Heat exchangers

 •  Prototypes

 •  Car parts

 •  Parts for the food industry

 •  Electrical cabinets and bracketry

 •  Metalwork for the scenery business

Over the years we have invested heavily in plant and machinery so that we can provide a complete service - from initial design consultation through to the final item.



For fabrication work you can rely on call Colbridge

Engineering Ltd:

01293 443 918

We fabricate:

Full in-house service

The chances are that, no matter what you want, we've probably made it before - or at least something very close to it.

Turning metal into something functional or just good to look at - that's what Colbridge Engineering Ltd do.

Laser cutting, welding, sheet metal work

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